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 Our mission is to empower women for professional success and to create a community of confidence.   

 Miss CEO™  provides educational services and products that support career progression to allow people to experience success in both learning and success in life.   Miss CEO™ is here to support you with achieving your ambitions! 


The CEO Mindset - NEW!


The CEO Mindset


This AMAZING online course guides you on how to make improvements in all areas of your life. This course has 10 modules that cover the following:

  • Module 1: How to Get Motivated
  • Module 2: End Procrastination 
  • Module 3: Overcoming Fear
  • Module 4: Self- Confidence
  • Module 5: A Healthier You
  • Module 6: Developing Powerful Habits
  • Module 7: Creating A Meaningful Life
  • Module 8: Master Your Brain
  • Module 9: Simple Steps to Goal Setting
  • Module 10: Free Your Mind


Bonus Fear Setting Template

Our Services

Miss CEO™ E-Training

Miss CEO™ E-Training

Miss CEO™ E-Training


Stay Inspired, motivated and keep learning with our online courses, discussion forums and webinars.  Join our professional community now!

Free Resources

Miss CEO™ E-Training

Miss CEO™ E-Training


Download FREE templates,  sign up to be involved in our mentoring programs or read our empowering articles. 

Corporate Training & Events

Corporate Training & Events

Corporate Training & Events

Miss CEO Convention 2019

 Miss CEO™  holds empowering events throughout the year, providing amazing guest speakers, networking opportunities and valuable information. Click the link below to see our latest event. 

Interview Preparation

Corporate Training & Events

Corporate Training & Events


 Our professional services are designed to support you with your interview skills.  Miss CEO™  will have you feeling more confident when you walk into your interview. 

Miss CEO™ Convention 2019

I'm Possible!

They always say it's impossible until its done! 

This is one EMPOWERING day with inspirational Industry experts and keynote speakers!

 With incredible reviews, the convention was a successful event and provided insight to Industries, gain confidence to take on challenges, learn new skills and network! 

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