The Team

Charlotte Moss Founder and C.E.O. of Miss CEO located in Perth, Western Australia.

Founder & C.E.O.

Professional and Personal Development Lead

Professional and Personal Development Lead

Charlotte Moss


Professional and Personal Development Lead

Professional and Personal Development Lead

Professional and Personal Development Lead

Elina Islamova

Miss C.E.O. Mentor:Stacy Tyson

STEM Professional Mentor

Professional and Personal Development Lead

STEM Professional Mentor

Stacy Tyson


Charlotte Moss Founder and C.E.O. of Miss CEO located in Perth, Western Australia.

Charlotte Moss: C.E.O.

Charlotte Moss is the founder of the Miss C.E.O.  Charlotte is an Engineer who is recognized as a leader within the rail industry. She has worked on multi-million dollar projects and is currently working on one of the biggest and most complex rail automation project within Australia.  

 The rail Industry is a particularly very male dominated environment. Charlotte wants to share her knowledge and experience in trying to establish her career as a very young female professional.  She travels internationally with her work and is a strong advocate for encouraging females within  engineering. 

Charlotte is also a professional athlete who accomplished a world title at the age of 25.  Charlotte represented Australia in the Natural Bodybuilding World Championships where she took home,  not one, but two gold medals as first place and overall in her division!

In addition to her demanding corporate role and her fitness commitment, Charlotte also has a diverse range of side businesses.  

Charlotte is a living example of what the Miss C.E.O. represents. Charlotte wants to share her experience and knowledge to help other people achieve their dreams. 


Professional & Personal Development Lead

Elina Islamova : Professional & Personal Development Lead

  Elina Islamova is the Lead of Professional & Personal development stream of Miss C.E.O business, adding value in Human Resources and Coaching as well as variety of workshops and online webinars, catering to various needs of our customers. 

Elina has over 9 years wide-ranging generalist experience within Human Resources in the Science Innovation, IT, Manufacturing, Hire, Construction Mining and Engineering industries. Elina has graduated with a Bachelor's degree double majoring in Human Resource Management and Business Management, studied a Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety, has been through Prosci Change Management Practitioner training and recently has acquired a Certified HR Practitioner (CPHR) certification through the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) which is recognised on a Global scale and is a new trend within modern HR. 

Elina has worked in a variety of industries learning various challenges those industries face and contributed to the success of solving the challenges through people strategies and capability development within various organisations. Being a young female professional, Elina had to work hard to break through the stigma and perceptions of age, race and ability, and believes that resilience is a number one asset any individual can have. Elina has worked on an international scale and continues to grow and understand people challenges on a Global scale and how these can be resolved and improved on. 

Elina is very passionate about building capability and assisting people to realize their full potential through various strategies of coaching and development, both professionally and personally. In addition, she is just as passionate assisting organisations of all sizes to ensure employees feel valued and recognized for their true potential. This includes the following:

  • Realizing  staff potential; 
  • Harnessing the right behaviours ;and 
  • Navigating their talent pool in the right direction.  



Stacy Tyson


Stacy Tyson is a focused, dedicated, and highly motivated professional with a proven track record of success in project management and team leadership. Stacy has been a project manager for engineering projects for 20 years and has benefited from having a number of mentors in this time who have guided Stacy through difficult times and helped Stacy develop her skills and expertise.   

Stacy graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1995 with a Civil Engineering Degree and her first job was as a design engineer, designing drainage for railways. Stacy relocated to Victoria in 1999 and commenced her first project management position.  Stacy was fortunate to have an excellent mentor at this time and over a number of years progressed within the organisation to Manager Engineering, Victoria where Stacy was responsible for both the civil works and signalling works for the interstate railway in Victoria.  In 2006 the pull back to WA was impossible to ignore and Stacy returned to the West where she focused on managing signalling and control system projects.  Once again, Stacy was fortunate to find a number of mentors who could guide me through this time of professional growth.  Stacy was eager to learn and quickly advanced to leading the delivery of large railway signalling projects.  

More recently Stacy decided to try a new challenge and she is project managing an upgrade of a supercomputer.  This is different to her previous projects and she is enjoying the challenge of learning a new industry.

Over the last 20 years, Stacy has worked for a number of engineering organisations and have led design projects and large construction projects.  Stacy has worked with teams of varying sizes from smaller, compact project teams of 10 people to teams of 100+ on larger projects.   She has  experienced numerous project challenges during her career and Stacy is recognized for approaching these challenges in a positive way and working through them to deliver the project objectives.  Stacy is a well respected in her profession and she is recognized as having a positive, enthusiastic attitude.   Stacy listens and communicates well.  

During her time as a Project Manager, Stacy has mentored a number of project engineers and designers.  She has helped them identify their strengths and worked with them to achieve their professional goals.  Stacy enjoys mentoring and she is excited to share her skills, knowledge and expertise.  "I pride myself on providing my mentee’s with professional guidance and constructive feedback throughout our working relationship."

Stacy is based in Perth, WA where Stacy and her husband raise 2 teenagers.  In her personal time, she enjoys being on the Swan river, either on her Stand-up Paddle Board, in a small boat with her husband that she uses for day trips in the Swan Valley and wakeboarding at Point Walter.  If Stacy can’t be on the water, you are likely to find her getting some exercise walking along the riverbank.